Welcome to Hydra Platform

Hydra Platform is an open-source model platform for network based data management. It facilitates the development of complex resource network models by providing a consistent storage facility for network topology and associated datasets. Hydra Platform is built around a server that exposes all functionality as a web service to which Apps can connect to access data.

User Interfaces

Any organisation can build their own user-interface for Hydra. The University of Manchester offers hydra.org as a free online user interface to allow building river basin simulation models.

Development team

Dr Stephen Knox coordinates the team. This link provides information on the current team.


Knox, S., J. Tomlinson, J. J. Harou, P. Meier, D. E. Rosenberg, J. R. Lund and D. E. Rheinheimer (2019). An open-source data manager for network models. Environmental Modelling & Software 122: 104538.